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  • New Jersey Volunteers Needed For Testing Alzheimer’s Treatment
    Source: Few drugs are currently available to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, and their effects are limited. No new treatments have been approved in more than a decade. The T2 Protect AD study hopes to buck that trend with a novel treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. The Princeton Medical Institute was chosen… Read more »
  • Collagen: Wonder Drug for the Middle Aged?
    Source: Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, You’ve heard it said by health experts, beauty gurus, and possibly even your best friend: Collagen is the new buzzword, and it can now be found in everything from creams and cosmetics, to powders and pills. The truth is, this may be… Read more »
  • Red Bank: Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘Soul Kitchen’ To Offer Free Meals to NJ Government Shutdown Victims
    Source: NBC New York A Red Bank community restaurant owned by New Jersey rock legend Jon Bon Jovi and his wife will serve a free meal from Noon to 2PM to furloughed federal workers on Monday January 21. “This Monday, we will be open for lunch as a way to… Read more »
  • Featured Video: Moebius Syndrome Awareness
    Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day Jan. 24: Facial Paralysis Info · Moebius Syndrome Foundation · Kara Smiles Fund · Donate · #MSAD2019 · Austin Halls Sources:;; Digg Moebius Syndrome, named after neurologist Dr. Paul Mobius, is a rare congenital neurological disorder which is primarily characterized by facial paralysis, including… Read more »
  • New Jersey 10-Year-Old Undergoes Smile Surgery
    Source: Digg Most babies are born immediately able to communicate with the world around them in one way: by crying. The second signal babies send out is a smile. Newborns can smile spontaneously — as a reflex — which new parents misinterpret. It’s not until six to eight weeks of… Read more »
  • Monmouth County Health Department Moves To Downtown Freehold; February SNAP Info
    Join the Monmouth County Health Department for a ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan. 24, 11 a.m., marking the department’s move to a new location at 50 East Main Street in downtown Freehold. “This move is part of the County’s ongoing efforts to consolidate County operations and get County offices out… Read more »