Lodi Bakery Specializes in Diabetic-Friendly Low-Carbohydrate Bread

Source: Robert Kovacs, owner of Orlando’s Bakery in Lodi, has been developing his low-carb, low-glycemic bread for about six years. The bread sits at a 39 on the glycemic scale (on par with that of an apple) and was created with diabetics in mind (which his father...

Fighting Food Waste In New Jersey

Source: As much as 40 percent of the food produced for human consumption in the U.S. goes to waste. Every time we toss food in the trash, we toss part of our paychecks there, too. And we take food away from those who need it most. Finally, more food waste in...

Health Myths for Seniors; Avocado Health Benefits

Sources: The Trentonian; QueueMedia It’s estimated that every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65 years old. Some of these people, unfortunately, have misconceptions about their health that can jeopardize it, such as: If I feel fine, therefore I am fine: Chronic infections can last so...

Wild Mushroom Poisoning Alert; Newark Airport Special Olympics Airplane Pull Fundraiser

Sources: NJ Poison Control Center; Special Olympics NJ A good portion of the summer has been plagued by soaring temperatures, high humidity and soaking rains — the perfect recipe for a dangerous mushroom season in the Garden State. Nearly four dozen mushroom exposure cases...

Cheap Healthy Foods For College Students

Source: Whole-Grain Cereal: Cold breakfast cereal is a staple in many college dorm rooms because it is inexpensive, can be stored at room temperature and it is ready to eat. Choose high-fiber, fortified, unsweetened varieties, such as shredded wheat and bran...

New Jerseyans Charged with Opioid/Health Care Fraud; Farmer’s Market Nutrition Class

Source: A doctor, a medical billing company owner and an MTA bus driver from Middlesex County were among the New Jerseyans charged this week as part of what federal officials are calling “the largest health care fraud and opioid enforcement action ever taken by the...