Featured Video: As Cheerleaders Fly High, So Does the Risk of Injury

Source: My Health Parents, coaches and trainers are focusing their attention on the safety of their players during the fall school sports season, but statistics show that injuries on the sidelines — among cheerleaders — rank almost as high as those that take place on...

Rx Brain Training Centers: Learning About “School Refusal” Anixety Disorder

Source: Anxiety is obviously a normal part of life. For kids, it’s far more likely to cause problems during certain times: the start of full-time schooling; around the age of 10 or 11; and during transitions into middle or high school. If your child hasn’t “settled...

Annual brunch in Cherry Hill raises $600,000 for Cancer

Source: The Fifth Annual Pink Roses Teal Magnolias Brunch raised more than $600,000 for breast and gynecologic cancer research and clinical programs at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper University Health Care. Since the first brunch in 2010, fundraising for...

Survey: Sandy Survivor Mental Health Issues Persist 2 years later

Sources:; NY Daily News Though two years have passed since Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, a new poll finds that mental health issues remain among residents whose homes were significantly damaged during the storm. While the percentage of residents suffering...

A More Dangerous Epidemic Than Ebola: Ebola Hysteria

Sources: Huffington Post, YourHHRS News Yes, Ebola is a real threat that must be taken seriously. But more and more, we’re seeing logical, science-backed responses give way to behavior fueled by our primal fears and inexcusable prejudices. So here we present some...

Acid Reflux: The Dangers of Eating Late at Night

Source: New York Times The number of people with acid reflux has grown significantly in recent decades. Reflux can lead to esophageal cancer, which has increased by about 500 percent since the 1970s. And anti-reflux medication alone does not appear to control reflux...