June 2017

How to make healthier smoothies

Source: Black You are on a roll! Eating better, making fresh smoothies; doing things “right”. But to your surprise, you step on the scale and the numbers aren’t going down. They might even be going up! What part of the game is that?! Turns out, making a smoothie may...

WeeCare Pediatrics: Free play helps children with physical, emotional and mental well being

Source: GMN News Health These days, who doesn’t have a packed schedule? Between school, work, after school activities and family obligations, we tend to all get caught up in the same everyday routine and it is affecting our children. Kids are spending more and more time inside...

Menlo Park Mall: Donate Blood July 5, receive New York Mets Tickets

Source: The New Jersey Blood Services will hold a blood donation from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. July 5 at the Menlo Park Mall, 100 Menlo Park, Edison. A busmobile will be parked by the Cheesecake Factory. Each donor will receive a voucher for a pair of 2017 New York...

Why Alcohol and Exercise Don’t Mix

Source: Elite According to the American College of Sport Medicine, you should refrain from alcohol consumption before any kind of exercise. Alcohol has a whole slew of adverse effects on performance because of its metabolic and cardiovascular effects. Dr. Anthony...

What You Need To Know about the Senate Healthcare Repeal Bill

Source: L.A. Times The Affordable Care Act repeal bill unveiled last week by Senate Republicans has aptly drawn universal scorn from healthcare experts, hospital and physician groups and advocates for patients and the needy. Yet some of the measure’s most egregious, harshest...

Featured Video: Black Female HIV Awareness

Black Female HIV Awareness: Black AIDS Institute · AIDS New Jersey Testing Sites · Pregnant? · N.J. Dept of Health Black women remain at high risk for HIV, and represent 64% of all women living with HIV in the United States, according to the CDC. In good news, new...