May 2017

2nd wave hep-C hits young, suburban N.J. drug users

Source: A growing number of young, suburban New Jerseyans with opiate addictions are also infected with hepatitis C, according to a new study. These findings reflect a national trend that has prompted healthcare providers to seek more effective ways to connect patients...

Physical therapy is just as effective as surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome

Source GMN Health Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by multiple symptoms and signs that occur following compression of the median nerve within the wrist. Usual symptoms include numbness, tingling, burning and pain in a specific distribution within a specific pattern in the...

Tabernacle: Students go to ‘beautiful lengths’ for hairless cancer patients

Source: Burlington County Times When Kayla Dauria decided to donate her hair to benefit cancer patients, she knew there had to be more students at Seneca High School wanting to make the cut. And why not bring the haircuts to them? She teamed up with her friend Katelyn Dever, who...

Featured Video: Hearing and Speech Awareness

Better Hearing and Speech Awareness: Alexander Graham Bell Association ( · American Speech-Language-Hearing Association ( · New Jersey Resources Summit NJ Speech School · Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers ( About 40...

Why Chocolate May Be Good for the Heart

Source: New York Times Eating chocolate has been tied to a reduced risk of heart disease. Now scientists have uncovered one possible reason. Using data from a large Danish health study, researchers have found an association between chocolate consumption and a lowered risk for...