December 2013

Rock Guitarist Joe Satriani: Strumming The Right Fitness Chords

By: James Fell, Sixpack Source: Los Angeles Your favorite guitar player wishes he could play like Joe Satriani. Those righteous riffs you hear when Metallica is on the radio? Satriani taught that band’s Kirk Hammett and many other metal greats, including...

Rutgers researchers find tomatoes help prevent breast cancer

Source: Health If you’re an older woman who wants to reduce her risk of breast cancer, eat lots of tomatoes. That’s the conclusion of Rutgers University research published this week in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism....

Featured Video: Fighting “Fat Talk” With Positive Body Image Support

Source: Project Special We believe that “fat talk” is a barrier to weight management success and it’s time to ”shhhhut” it down. From “joking” about cankles to destructive self-deprecation, fat talk has become part of ordinary conversation, spoken...

Major HIV Clue Detected in Solving the AIDS Mystery

Source: Business The difference between HIV infection and full-blown AIDS is, in large part, the massive die-off of the immune system’s CD4 T-cells. But researchers have only observed the virus killing a small portion of those cells, leading to a longstanding...

Study: Where Alzheimer’s Disease starts, and how it spreads

Alzheimer’s disease starts in the entorhinal cortex. Using fMRI in mouse and human brains, the researchers provide evidence that the disease spreads from the entohrinal cortex to other cortical regions — the perirhinal cortex and posterior parietal cortex. Credit:...

Study: Expectant Fathers Should Watch What They Eat, Too

Source: Tree A study from McGill University has discovered that a father’s diet prior to conception is just as important as the mother’s when it comes to influencing their child’s health. The study examines vitamin B9, also known as folate, which comes from green leafy...